Episode 10: Gabriel Kuperman, the director of the Luang Prabang Film Festival


Gabriel Kuperman is the director of the Luang Prabang filmfestival. As he said in the interview, he felt in love with Luang Prabang as a tourist and decided to live and work there. The filmfestival targets filmmakers from all Southeast-Asia and started in 2010. It is funded by donors and sponsors, the screenings are free.

Travelfish did a nice interview with Gabriel as well, so in addition to listening to the podcast you can als read an interview over there

Episode 09: Preetam Rai

Preetam Rai
Preetam is not only an “old” friend of mine (we met first at the Clogger Summit in Phnom Penh back in 2007), he is also the Mr. Barcamp of South-East-Asia. There is raraley a camp where Preetam is not, including Word-, Film- or other camps.

He is also working in education, mainly telling teacher how to use (social) media in education. Or in hos own words:

I am a technologist and educator based in South East Asia. I help organizations make sense of social and online tools to better engage, learn and collaborate.

You find his Google Profile here:

Episode 08: Career development in Laos

Titi Vilayphone Choulamany

I am talking with Vilayphone Titi Choulamany, who is a remarkable person. Her mission is to improve the knowledge about careers in general and what she calls a career pathway. On Facebook she has a group with this name what is becoming a very popular place for people looking for a job. She basically gives people advise how to apply.

Episode 07: Daniel Cerventus, Entrepreneur in Asia


Daniel Cerventus (in the picture in the white shirt at Barcamp Phnom Penh) is a Barcamp Nomad and the number one when it get’s to start ups and entrepreneurs in Asia, in particular Singapore and Malaysia. He is on the the people behind the popular podcast “This week in Asia“. I was visiting him in Kuala Lumpur, where he gave me a ride in his car – and a bit of sightseeing.

Episode 06: Import wine to Laos

Peter EvansAt the recent Laos Business Meetings, a networking event I organize every first Tuesday in the month, Peter Evens, a long time expat and business man in Laos, was talking about his wine business Gecko Wines in particular, but about import to Laos in general. Since Laos is a landlocked country it is quite difficult and expensive to get goods in. So Peter told about his challenges with shipping companies and the lessons he learned.

Episode 05: Vientiane Career Fair

From Drop Box

I was at the 1. Vientiane Career Fair at the Vientiane Plaza Hotel. This fair was organized by students of the Lao-American College. They got a bit help from the seniors Mike and Nana, and both spared a bit of time for me for an interview.

Personally I think it was a huge success, in particular because it was privately organized and focussing on the private sector.

More information about the fair on Facebook

Episode 04: Lao Entrepreneurs Contest STEPS by the World Bank

STEP finals

The Worldbank conducted a contest in Laos where they wanted to encourage young people, particularly young women, to start businesses. so they asked for business ideas, and the final 25 presented their project in Vientiane. I went there and talk to some participants.

Episode 03: On the set of the Lao movie At The Horizon


I was on the set of At The Horizon, a new Lao movie made by Lao New Wave Cinema Production and directed by Anysay Keola. They have a Facebook page with a description of the plot.

The reason why I picked this movie is the fact that this is a independent production. There is no big budget, in fact most of the crew works for free, and the want to change the way movies are traditionally made in Laos. It will be the first thriller produced here.

So have fun listen to the podcast

Episode 02: Snakes on a train, Annoying Russians, Tiger Beer Battle of the Bands

old radio

News about Thailand on Thaivisa.com

Adam writes on Fisheggtree.com

Boxer Video ບໍ່ແມ່ນຂອງຄູ່ກັນ

Tiger Beer Battle of the Bands

Episode 01: Introduction, Music, and strange phone calls in Laos

Music by John Statz from Music Alley

First episode: Talking about

The Ban Tonmali Cake cafe

The Tiger Beer Battle of the Bands in Vientiane

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